Our Services

We inventory and analyze your current investments and make recommendations concerning those investments. We will also make recommendations concerning other investments suitable for your tax bracket, estate and family circumstances, liquidity needs, retirement goals, objectives, preferences and economic resources. We review all investments with regard to how they integrate with all your goals, cash flow, and liquidity, including other aspects of your financial circumstances. We are knowledgeable about just about every form and type of investment. We can even help you implement investments.

Retirement Planning

We can review, inventory and analyze all resources available for retirement or potential retirement., We project needs for living expenses during that time if applicable, estimate qualified retirement benefits and benefits from your employer's investments and social security, we then compare them with future needs, We also coordinate with all investment planning to alleviate any possible shortfall in monthly income, and we adjust all analyses with an inflation factor. 

Estate Planning

We can review your estate desires and present strategies intended to reduce estate costs and delays. 
Charitable Giving We also review your charitable plans and if appropriate, educate you about standard and unique charitable planning techniques. 

Income taxes

We can review your past and current tax circumstances and discuss present and future strategies to reduce income taxes.  

Insurance Coverage

In order to preserve the net worth you have created or will create, we can overview your personal insurance coverage; identify gaps or overlaps in coverage of medical, auto, casualty, liability, and homeowner's risk. We can review your life insurance policies for their adequacy and discuss available alternatives to life insurance for accomplishing your estate goals. We also review your need for long term care insurance.

College Funding

If college funding is applicable, we will review your objectives with regard to education your child (children or grandchildren) and forecast future education costs. We will also make recommendations for procedural or investment alternatives to reduce your overall economic cost.